15 Mistakes To Avoid When Building A Villa

15 Mistakes To Avoid When Building A Villa

22 November 2021

Mistakes are bound to occur. However, if it occurs in a newly constructed house, it might be costly. It's possible that you'll end up spending a lot more than you anticipated. It might also lead to you needing to pay money only a few years after moving into your new property.

You may save money, time, and headaches by strategically preparing and being informed about potential concerns. Here are 15 mistakes to avoid while building a villa:

Plot selection

People usually choose buildings with a lot of corners or L or T shaped plots without considering the influence on the house's walls and roofing.

Consider your HVAC system

A poor design might result in moisture problems and dangerous mould development. This can lead to serious health problems. Furthermore, the size of your units should be carefully considered. Models that are too tiny will underperform and will not properly chill and heat your house. 

The bedroom's location

The bedroom should be located as far away from traffic and noise as feasible. If members of your family are likely to come and depart while you are sleeping or relaxing, the master bedroom should not be near or over the garage. It's also a good idea to keep the master bedroom separate from the main living rooms.

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Poor space planning

Having a large villa does not always imply that it is useful, and having a small villa does not always imply that it is crowded. It all comes down to how efficiently you use the available space without jeopardizing the real living space.

Everything needs to be neatly positioned in your storage area, whether it's closeted in bedrooms, a display unit in the living room, or a crockery cabinet in the dining room.

Bad budgeting

You've gotten estimates from contractors, builders, and architects for the cost of building a house that meets all of your needs. That's excellent, but are you prepared for financial blips due to unanticipated circumstances? Your budget should contain a buffer of cash in case of overspending due to time delay, pay increases, or other unforeseen charges.

Placement of the Laundry Machine

When looking for a villa, consider whether or not you will have a laundry machine. If this is the case, include it in the plan and specify whether it will be in the basement or elsewhere. The laundry machine is one of the household machines that you could wish to get, but if you don't have enough room, it won't help much.

No ventilation system

If you're building a villa in Kochi, make sure to include plenty of windows to allow for natural ventilation. You'll also save money on electricity because you won't need to install air conditioners to keep the rooms cool.

Under-utilized room

Consider if you will really utilize certain rooms while constructing your home. Many rooms are frequently underutilized. As a result, they become a dumping ground for storage, laundry, and other items. The craft area and office might be integrated.

Placement of pipes

Pipes are an important part of any home's structure, and if they're installed incorrectly, you're doomed! Always keep this house-building suggestion in mind: Place the hot-water pipes near your kitchen and bathroom so that you can get to the tap quickly. Make sure that your sewer line enters the home from the outside, rather than passing through the lounge area.

Poorly lit homes

There should be so many +light fixtures and outlets. As should be the case with windows. Every room should have a window that is as large as feasible. When feasible, natural light should be the primary source of illumination. Consider installing skylights as well.

Plan for your lifestyle

When building a villa, keep your lifestyle in mind. If you expect to have five children, it's a good idea to factor that into your villa design. If you do not plan to marry or start a family, you may wonder why a house needs so many rooms. The question you must ask yourself is where will you be in 5 or 10 years? What will your family's size be? All of these questions will assist you in making sound decisions about your future as well as your home.

Underplaying Green Features

The "sustainability" of a project - which includes characteristics such as high insulation, renewable energy, and rainwater collecting – is extremely significant in modern planning authorization. As a result, failing to devote sufficient attention to this aspect of your application is a mistake.

Not having sufficient storage space

Make sure you have enough space for winter clothing and outerwear. Having some room for their belongings when they walk in is crucial, whether you intend to entertain huge family meals or just a few friends around, and something as simple as a coat closet is one of many house-building blunders that is often neglected.

Selecting the right construction company

Don't rush into choosing a person or a company since you can be dissatisfied afterward. Some businesses or people are uninterested in modest initiatives, while others lack the resources to handle larger ones. You must carefully consider which contractor is best suited for your projects. You should hire a contractor that has the necessary resources and time to complete your job.

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Not signing a contract

Haven't signed a legal contract yet? You really should! You want something to fall back on if things go wrong. You should also have a formal agreement in place with your builder. It's also a good idea to get your contract reviewed by a lawyer.

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