Top 5 Ways to Check a Builder’s Reputation Before Investing

Top 5 Ways to Check a Builder’s Reputation Before Investing

28 October 2021

Builders are the bridge to your home dream!


Imagine the scenario wherein the real estate developer deceives you by constructing the house using low-quality materials. Or a scenario where the firm takes all the money but fails to deliver the home in time. Another common thing is the builder asking for additional money than agreed to for completing the project.


These situations lead to unwanted stress and unforeseen budget. You may land in a debt trap, trying to meet the increased fund requirements. The possibilities of such complications can be resolved by selecting the right builder.


Yes, you need to check the builder’s reputation before investing. A careful evaluation and selection would be instrumental in identifying the ideal builder. Thus, saving you from stress.


Top 5 Ways to Check a Builder’s Reputation


You are going to buy a home; the space that is not just shelter but a cocoon that bestows you with peace, joy and comfort. The design specifications, the spaciousness, the construction materials used, the flow of energy inside etc can influence your mental and physical well-being. Check about the real estate developer before you go with one. Never make the mistake of just picking one randomly!


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1.      Background Check of the Builder


You must examine the builder before signing the agreement. The projects were undertaken to date, the performance of the completed projects, the opinion of the existing customers regarding the builder, and similar points can be considered. It is better to list out the factors to be checked prior to doing a Google search. Further, one-to-one interaction with the homebuyers would render you with a first-hand experience. Even greater, if you have peers who are the clients of the builder. In that case, you can drop by their home and have a look at the property in person. The real estate developer would also offer you a site visit. The inspection could be made use of to understand the building quality and building materials used as much as possible.


2.      Reviews and Ratings


Online reviews and ratings would get you more insight into the drawbacks, strengths, and flaws of the specific builder. The trouble here might be to segregate the genuine reviews from the ones from the PR agency of the builder. A keen observation would aid you in ticking the reviews from the real buyers. Once you go through the reviews from the real homebuyers, you will have a broad and clear perspective about the real estate development firm and the reputation they possess. With a clear picture of the builders, you can handpick a bunch and select the one you feel right from those.

3.      Quality Certifications from Independent Bodies


Every sector has independent reviewing and quality assurance agencies that observe, inspect and evaluate the companies. The International Standard Organization is a quality analysis body, acknowledged around the globe, that provides certification based on the stipulated parameters. The quality inspectors from the agency would inspect the projects, assess the procedure pursued by the firm, the quality of ongoing projects etcetera. If the builder possesses the ISO certification, it tells a lot about the reliability of the firm. A real estate firm with standardized certifications like ISO 9001:2008 (Certification for Quality Management) would be a trustworthy one. The said certificate is issued based on customer satisfaction surveys, quality management systems and customer-centric services and so on.


4.      Ratings by CRISIL


Ratings from the real estate monitoring agency CRISIL are of immense value. The organization of experts from the field issues ratings only after a thorough examination. The CRISIL Real estate Star Ratings, CREST, can be considered a yardstick for analysing the builder. The best thing about this rating is that it is determined based on the location, where the project is situated. Unlike ISO certification, CRISIL checks the legal aspects, timely transfer of constructed property and similar parameters prior to issuing the grading.   


5.      Ascertain the Financial Stability of the Builder


This might appear as an intricate step. But, it will not be as complex as it seems. You can go through the publicly available company documents. Reaching out to the Registrar of Companies (ROC) is also a viable option. Take out time from your busy schedule to determine the builder’s financial stability, whom you would be assigning the task of building your dream home. Obtaining the cash flow statement would reveal to you how strong their fund status is. A real estate developer or builder with cash inflows would be more dependable.


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