Villas Vs Apartments: Things You Need To Know Before Choosing One

Villas Vs Apartments: Things You Need To Know Before Choosing One

06 August 2021

Housing solutions come in all shapes and sizes. Depending on your budget, family size and preference, a home can be an apartment, an independent house, a villa, a studio flat, a condo, a duplex or a gated community. Of these multiple options, two of the most popular ones for people looking to buy a home are villas and apartments. 

Villa vs apartment is one of the biggest dilemmas any prospective homeowner is bound to face. So, we are here to help you navigate this as best as we can. Before we delve into the comparative analysis, let us understand what each of those essentially is.


An apartment is typically a multi-storeyed housing structure that provides the occupants with shared features and facilities. Some of the biggest advantages of an apartment are that they provide a huge sense of community among the occupants, maintenance and repair works if any would be undertaken swiftly and that they are budget-friendly compared to a house.


A villa is an upgraded version of an independent house; you get all the features of an independent house coupled with the benefits of a housing society rolled into one. Access to facilities and amenities such as clubhouse, recreation center, security and surveillance, gym, children’s play area, swimming pool, etc. is not something a typical house would have. With equal focus on the owner's privacy as well as social life, living in a luxury villa is in a way the best of both worlds.

Now that you have gotten a fair idea of what these two constitutes, let us take a look at the different features of an apartment and a villa to find out which would suit you best!

Space & Privacy

Living in an apartment, there are understandable limitations with regard to privacy. Space constraints, for example, leave much to be desired when it comes to having your own private sanctuary. Having 2-4 apartments cramped next to each other per floor may be ok for some, but not necessarily the cup of tea for the vast majority. 

In contrast, if you are someone who values the importance of having your own personal space and privacy, a villa would be the perfect choice for you as a home. A villa has what an apartment lacks - independence. Even though the costs may be on the higher side for a villa, it would be a small price to pay, pun intended, for the value that independence gives.


Adding your personal touch is what makes a house (be it an apartment or a villa) a home. 

A villa provides you with the option to add/modify elements to it - structural, aesthetic, design, or otherwise - in a way an apartment cannot. A villa allows you to play with your creativity and preferences whereas there are various constraints in customizing an apartment to suit your needs and style. There are many apartment developers who allow customization, but they are few and far between. 

Taking into consideration budget and preference of location, finding an apartment that permits customization would be more difficult than finding a villa. 

Budget & Maintenance Costs

When it comes to financing, it is generally found that villas tend to cost more than an apartment. Not just the initial investment, maintenance, and other fees would also be priced higher in a villa than in an apartment. 

However, the features and facilities you would get in a villa not only justify the cost but also provides an edge over an apartment in many ways.

Safety & Security

Safety and security are two aspects no one wishes to compromise on their homes, irrespective of it being an apartment or a villa. Generally, both these options provide 24*7 security, front gate surveillance as well as a gated community. However, with villas that do not have gated community features, security would have to be ensured by the owners individually. This and the fact that other occupants are situated in close proximity to each other would give apartments an edge over villas in just this aspect. 

Long Term Investment

And finally, when it comes to yielding a return on your investment, villas fare much higher than an apartment. Even with its higher initial investment cost, considering the wider range of facilities and amenities as well as personal space and privacy aspects, villas have the upper hand. All in all, a villa will have a much higher value than an apartment if and when you are required to resell it or even rent it out. 

With this, we hope you have garnered a fair enough idea as to the best housing option for you. All things considered, if you, like us, feel that buying a villa is a better option than an apartment, we have plenty of villa options available in all shapes and sizes, in every budget and preference, at the choicest locations in Kochi! If you would like to take a look at the various villa projects at Greentech builders, click here or you can connect with us through phone or email here.