24 November 2022

Owning a home you can design yourself is a fantastic opportunity. You have the opportunity to design a home that is entirely appropriate to your preferences and way of life. A custom house is distinctive because it allows you to design a space that is entirely your own. There are many new home features to think about if you're starting to design your dream home.

10 Must Have When Building Your Dream Home

Here is a list of the top ten things every home should have.


Your home's clutter can be kept under control with the help of a well-designed mudroom. When you have a mudroom just outside your garage door, keeping muddy shoes, jackets, backpacks, sporting equipment, and school projects contained and organized is much simpler. Build in a few cubbies or construct individual lockers for each family member's things to add more storage. If you have a dog, the mudroom is a fantastic spot to hang leashes and clean off dirty paws before your pet enters the home.


Today's homeowners tend to lead active, hectic lives, so having a home that can streamline your routines and provide convenience is beneficial. The technology for home automation and security has advanced so much in recent years. Think about incorporating the following smart-home technology alternatives when you list your new home's must-haves, 

  • Systems for securing the home, including security alarms, doorbell cameras, and smart locks.
  • Home automation system, including smart appliances, smart lighting controls, and smart programmable thermostats.
  • Several USB charging ports and power outlets.
  • Built-in speaker systems.


In order to accommodate their family's present and future needs, homeowners want to have multipurpose rooms,  a space that can be used as a playroom, a home office, a guest bedroom, a craft room, etc. Buyers and those who are building want rooms that can be used flexibly and swapped up as the demands of the family vary over time. Prime villas in Kochi are available from a number of the best home builders, adorned with top-notch amenities and exquisite features.


In recent years, metal roofing has advanced significantly. You may now get metal roofing options with more architecturally friendly profiles and a variety of colors, which is a far cry from its typical corrugated origins. Metal roofs offer a long-lasting, environmentally sustainable solution that is totally recyclable at the end of its useful life. In addition, metal roofing provides a lighter substitute for heavy tiled roofing.


One of the many essential new home improvements you should add to your list is smart lighting. You don't need to be in the room or at home to turn on and off lights because you can do it from a mobile device or tablet. It is totally configurable, saves money, and increases home security. Additionally, energy is saved by using smart lighting with LED bulbs without losing the usual brightness or warmth.


A home office is a crucial component of your custom home, regardless of whether you work from home full-time or perhaps sometimes. Convert a study or spare bedroom on the first floor into your workspace, or create a small space in the basement for your home office.


Even while built-in bookshelves are a common feature in most custom houses, constructing your own room gives you the freedom to try new things. A new home idea that enables you to achieve the organization you desire and obtain a clean, streamlined design at the same time is to include built-in desks, tables, and bookcases. When creating your custom built-in, keep in mind to take placement, shape, storage layout, and architectural features into account. A lovely built-in should complement your home's design without ever seeming like an afterthought.


People are increasing the functionality of the outdoors as they become more aware of its advantages. To make the most of the outdoors, many people choose to install decks, patios, kitchens, bars, pools, and lounges. Additionally, it is feasible to construct partially enclosed areas that enable you to host events outside for extended periods of time as the seasons change. Even a little BBQ area can significantly alter the look of your outside space and evoke many pleasant memories. Villas in Kakkanad are beautifully constructed with plenty of space by the most reliable builders in Kochi.


Functionality and practicality are sought-after qualities in kitchen design. Homeowners prefer large, deep kitchen drawers over cabinet doors so they can easily pull out pots, pans, or other kitchenware. With a spice rack, a knife block, or a pot lid sorter, drawers can improve organization. Considerate improvements, such as popular kitchen cabinet designs, can greatly improve the quality of life at home.


If you have the space, double kitchen islands are one of those essential additions you should make while building or remodeling a home because they serve multiple purposes and require less compromise. One usually acts as a prep counter, and the other might have a sink, a dishwasher, or even serve as a seating area.

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