Kids-Friendly Amenities You Need To Consider While Buying Property in Kerala

Kids-Friendly Amenities You Need To Consider While Buying Property in Kerala

05 March 2024

Children are the happiest being in the world. It's not easy being a parent or raising a child. Any parent worth talking to will share with you the concerns and problems they have with their children. Parents are in charge of a child's formative years, which have a lasting impact on their personality. When considering a home purchase, parents put their general well-being, comfort, and safety first. Child amenities can significantly improve a child's growth, offer a caring environment, and improve family happiness regularly. When purchasing real estate in Kerala, particularly with an emphasis on serving families with children, there are several facilities and aspects to take into account. 

Kids-Friendly Amenities To Consider While Buying Property in Kerala

The following are some kids-friendly amenities you need to consider while buying property in Kerala.

1. Safety and security

Safety and security, particularly for the children, should be your top priorities when selecting a kid-friendly home. It is imperative to have staffed gates, CCTV surveillance, wired and electric fences, and secure borders. This will guarantee your children's safety because they might venture outside to play in the neighboring area. To ensure children's safety from harm or danger, appropriate vigilance should also be maintained in all areas, including clubhouses, swimming pools, sports grounds, and open spaces. Families with children should look for residences with strong security features or gated communities. There are secure play spaces on the site where children may run around without their parents having to worry about traffic or other risks.

2. Proximity to schools

An important consideration when purchasing real estate is proximity to excellent schools, particularly in a state like Kerala, where the educational system is well-regarded. Parents and kids can save time and effort on everyday commutes by residing close to a good school. Parents are not worried about long drives or heavy traffic when they drop off or pick up their children from school. This convenience may result in a better work-life balance for parents.  

In Kerala, where education is highly valued, families could greatly benefit from proximity to top-notch schools. It guarantees that kids get a good education, reduces the amount of time and effort spent commuting, encourages community involvement, can boost academic achievement, and creates a safer atmosphere. 

3. Childcare services

Buying a house near daycare centers or preschools is crucial for children. To facilitate a smooth transition for your child into early education, find out about the availability, reputation, and closeness of such facilities in the area. For older kids, it could be beneficial to have access to tutoring facilities or after-school programs. Make sure your room has study places, window guards, and roomy bedrooms among other facilities. 

If possible, having access to a safe outdoor space or a nearby park can be wonderful for children's physical activity and playtime. Look into the community resources that are accessible, like sports facilities, community centers, and libraries. These may present more chances for education and interaction with others. When selecting a property, safety should always come first.

4. Healthcare facilities

Being close to reputable clinics and hospitals is important for several reasons, especially when choosing a place to live or work and taking healthcare facilities into account. Every minute matters in an emergency. Faster access to life-saving care in cases of heart attacks, strokes, or serious injuries can result from being close to a reputable hospital. Having quick access to medical facilities guarantees prompt management and monitoring for people with long-term medical disorders like diabetes, asthma, or hypertension. Families with children can take advantage of the regular check-ups, vaccines, and unforeseen diseases provided by local pediatric clinics or hospitals. 

5. Community facilities

Community facilities are spaces within a neighborhood or community that are designed to serve the needs of residents, often providing spaces and resources for various activities and services. Clubhouses are common in many towns; they are usually locations where inhabitants congregate or go for recreation. These clubhouses frequently include summer camps, sports, and arts and crafts for kids. Clubhouses can contain basketball, tennis, swimming, or soccer facilities, among other sports. There are rooms or areas set aside in certain clubhouses for arts and crafts activities. They might provide workshops or classes where kids can learn how to paint, sketch, sculpt, or do other creative things.

6. Child-friendly infrastructure

Child-friendly infrastructure is designed to create a safe environment for children in various settings. One is the elevators in which sensors are installed to stop the doors from closing if a youngster is seen at the doorway. In addition, they might contain tactile and braille buttons for kids with vision impairments, as well as emergency buttons that are lower so kids can reach them. Children can walk about more safely and without feeling crowded on wide staircases. Children need handrails to help them balance and provide support when navigating stairs, which lowers the possibility of falls and accidents. Plugs and outlet covers are two ways to childproof outlets. They keep kids from poking anything into the outlets, which lowers the possibility of electrical shocks. 

7. Good neighborhood

A good neighborhood with a friendly and welcoming atmosphere is characterized by several key features that contribute to a sense of community and safety. Presence of other families and children creates a vibrant atmosphere. Playgrounds, parks, and safe areas for kids to play are available. The police are present in the neighborhood and aware of its requirements. 

To put it simply, a good neighborhood is a community where kids feel safe, supported, and connected, not just a collection of houses. Families can prosper there, kids are free to play, and locals are happy with their homes. These areas frequently develop into places that people may call truly "home," as opposed to just places to reside.


Buying a home in Kerala with the needs of children in mind requires a comprehensive approach that considers factors such as community, safety, education, and recreational opportunities. Kerala is a family-friendly destination because it provides a distinctive fusion of natural beauty, culture, and education. The Greentech Builders and Developers are committed to designing, developing, and constructing affordable yet luxurious commercial, residential, and kids-friendly projects with the highest quality and customer satisfaction standards. We strive to be ecologically and socially responsible citizens and prevent environmental pollution and depletion of natural resources. The company is also committed to sustainable building practices, incorporating eco-friendly materials and energy-efficient features.

By striking a balance between these variables, parents may guarantee their children a nurturing atmosphere and a comfortable place to live.

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