19 December 2023

Kerala, an Indian state on the western coast, is endowed with an abundance of breathtaking natural beauty. God's own country attracts both local and foreign tourists and adventure seekers with its pristine beaches, turquoise shorelines, and lush green mountains. The tourism sector does, in reality, play a significant role in the economy of the state. Kerala's economy is varied, with agriculture and foreign remittances making substantial contributions. An elevated human development index coupled with a high percentage of literacy has resulted in a robust service industry. This place has seen the coexistence of many religions and cultures for ages, giving rise to a distinct culture. Kerala is a dynamic region with a rich history because of this, which is represented in its art, architecture, festivals, and cuisine.


Kerala is now a popular destination for real estate investment as a result of these many advantages. For numerous individuals, purchasing a property in one of the state's major cities is an ultimate goal. Kerala is a popular destination for real estate investors and a place where many individuals from India and elsewhere choose to settle down. Real estate investment is well recognised to be a legal procedure involving several crucial documents. Legal records prove the property's authenticity. They give the investor evidence that there are no impending issues with the property. Large sums of money are involved when investing in real estate, therefore all paperwork must be accurate and valid. Even if the majority of projects in Kerala have a well-known brand name, the investor must review all the supporting documentation before deciding.

The following are the things to check before buying property in Kerala.


Details regarding the previous and present owners of the property are provided by the title deed. The name of the individual from whom the property is being bought must be on the property. It is official documentation attesting to the full ownership of the asset. The new owner receives ownership of the property upon completion of the transaction.


Location is the next important factor to think about while purchasing a property in Kerala. Recognise the advantages and disadvantages of purchasing a new property in a specific neighborhood. You can infer that purchasing a brand-new property in a metro area or city with rapid population expansion is more economical over time. The functionality of public transport should also be taken into account. A poor public transit system can increase the cost and effort of daily commuting.


The first and most important factor to think about when purchasing a new property is how much you are ready to spend. Numerous elements influence a property's cost. To determine the market worth, you can obtain a comparison of the nearby properties. The area and construction quality are two important aspects that affect an apartment's final cost. Before selecting a property, do an extensive study to prevent expensive surprises.


Make sure the land where your apartment property is being constructed is designated correctly. The term "land use" describes the intended use of the land, such as residential, business, industrial, agricultural, or multi-use. The seller's property disclosure statement or the local planning authority is the source of this information. You may make sure the apartment meets your demands and intended lifestyle by understanding the surrounding area and possible future developments with the help of land use.


The developed region depicted in the brochure may not reflect actual conditions at all. Thus, before purchasing the home, visit the location. Investigate the area and talk to the locals; they might know more about any unlawful activities or ongoing legal issues about the targeted property.


Your checklist for buying a property should start with this. You can go to the construction site and observe the work in progress if the building is still under construction. Additionally, you'll have a decent understanding of the construction's soundness and the caliber of the materials utilised. Have a thorough discussion about the materials with the builder if the job is completed. A reputable builder won't think twice about presenting you with a bill of materials so you can check the brand name for quality. Verify the power outlets, earthing, plumbing, wiring, and other components.


This is a crucial step in the process of purchasing an apartment. Examine the builder's past work, look for references on social media, and ask people in your community whether they have any personal experience or are aware of anyone who has with this builder to be aware of whether they are honest and fair in their dealings.


For any project in Kerala, the Fire Department, Pollution Control Board, Highway authorities, and Aviation Clearance provide No Objection Certificates. Depending on where the property is located, the developer ought to possess the necessary NOCs.


Purchasing real estate in Kerala is undoubtedly a fantastic idea, but to ensure a seamless and well-informed transaction, it is important to carefully consider several criteria. Verifying the builder's reputation, resale value, location, legal approvals, amenities, building quality, maintenance expenses, and paperwork is crucial. You may prevent any potential issues and make an informed selection by keeping these points in mind. Make sure you fully comprehend and conduct a comprehensive investigation on the builders who can help you buy the property before opting to move forward with the acquisition.

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