Benefits of Living in a Gated Community

Benefits of Living in a Gated Community

27 July 2022

The normal confusion a house buyer has to go through while deciding to buy a home will be choosing between his need for a gated community or not. The requirements of a gated community depend from person to person. To start with this understanding, let us first understand what a gated community means.

A gated community is a fortified, reserved residential area where the entry and exit of the dwellers and visitors are overlooked by security personnel at how many entrance or exit points are accommodated in that particular space. A gated community evades the nightmare of its residents of illegal encroachment and other intrusions. 

Now, let’s get down to the benefits of living in a gated community.

Advantages of living in a gated community

Privacy and Security

These are the main selling points when we talk about living in a gated community. A gated community can ensure security at its highest stakes as it is a closed-off community. The security personnel are posted at the entry points and exit points to ensure that nobody enters the community premises with a prior appointment or alert. The people who enter the gated community are tracked, and their whereabouts are kept in close check. Gated communities also have electronic fence gates, 24-hour security surveillance cameras, intercom systems and other such security enhancements. 

No Traffic or High-speed Vehicles

Gated communities have limited residents which ensures that there is no solid traffic inside a gated community. The residents can leave out their kids to cycle and play as it is a safe environment without the usual bustle of speeding cars. And as it is a residential area, people take extra care to understand that and drive carefully. Gated communities also keep speed bumps in the play areas of the community to double ensure. 

Community amenities

A gated community can provide private and secluded community amenities, which are reserved exclusively for the use of residents. The community centres in the gated residential area can bring in to unite the people who are living within the residential area. The facilities like swimming pool, park, and gym come along with the gated community benefits for which there is no requirement to pay an exorbitant sum but a feeble maintenance fee. 

A sense of community

In these long-bustling days, it is indeed a difficult situation to keep up with the coexistence. When it is a gated community, people are more aware of the people who are living around them. Closed community centres can also bring in a sense of belonging and accommodating to each other. As most of the resources are shared, it can bring in happy relationships between families. 

Limited space constraints

As each home is created with ample space, there is no question of the limitation of space constraints. Villas in Kochi have their specific space, which is uniform over the entire gated community. They also can enjoy their privacy as there are no houses lined up thick. Gated communities are set up after considering enough space between the two resident spaces or homes. 

Better property values

Gated communities have the ability to create a premium outlook in the minds of prospective buyers. As it instils a sense of security, people tend to go forward with buying their homes in a gated community. Therefore, you can make a good deal of gated community properties like villas in Kakkanad as a credible investment opportunity.

A safe haven for kids

A gated community negates the possibilities of an outsider, which helps parents to let out the kids explore and have fun with their friends inside the gated community. As the community roads are free of heavy traffic, kids can cycle and play around without fear of cars or other vehicles.

Eco-friendly living

The gated community homes can provide you with sustainable and eco-friendly living projects which may not be possible otherwise. The gated community uses solar power, rainwater harvesting and bio-composts which help in promoting the sustainable use of resources. Gated community housing promotes a better take on conserving the environment through planting trees all over their enclosed surroundings. 

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