Top 8 Construction Tips That Will Save Your Time And Money While Building Home

Top 8 Construction Tips That Will Save Your Time And Money While Building Home

25 October 2022

The homeowner's priority list should include cost-cutting without sacrificing construction quality. Even if the entire house is being built with a home loan, it is still possible to significantly reduce ancillary costs in order to achieve viability. This blog tries to shed light on the top 8 construction tips that will save you time and money while building a home. 

Tips to save money on construction

Here are 8 tips to cut down on costs:

1. Make a floor plan

Creating a floor plan is a necessity for clearly understanding the dimensions of the rooms in the building. It will also help you understand the placement of furniture and the sizes of furniture that have to be put in the rooms. The potential problems can be detected before they happen. The precise measurements of the rooms have to be clear. Everything has to be included, like closets, staircases, bathrooms, windows, etc. The number of windows and doors that will be included in the room. Even the cupboards and cabinets also need to be considered while discussing the floor plan. A 3-D sketch of the floor plan will be a fitting solution to avoid making mistakes. Villas in Kakkanad have a very well-structured room layout that is presented to customers even before the project starts. 

2. Knowing where to save and spend

It is an important aspect that has to be acquired through careful consideration of suggestions. Saving on expenses that might cost you in the future is not an ideal way to cut back on costs. Getting lower-quality workers or builders that will help get lower quote prices will cost you big time in the future when you have to redo work every now and then. Reducing expenses by sourcing bad-quality materials is not a good step to take. When you cut back severely on the construction, it can also directly affect the resale value of the home when you think about selling it in the future. You can save money by purchasing expensive materials rather than cutting back on necessities. 

3. Build during off-season

Building during the off-season is the most cost-effective way to save money. Off-seasons can provide you with workers and builders at a very low cost. You can save a good share of the percentage of money spent on construction. There might be some unexpected inconveniences that might happen on the course of adopting an off-season for construction. Contractors have more time to meet with you, address your concerns, and go over those budgets line-by-line to identify areas where you can make some savings because they are less busy.

4. Think small

If you have budgetary limitations on your project, it can be better if you look for spaces that don't require much expansion. The square footage of the building you are planning to construct will have a direct correlation to the amount spent on building it. Trimming some of the square footage can help you save up some money. This doesn’t mean having to live in tiny rooms, but taking care of a smaller room dimension for a guest room is one of the examples that can help you re-invest the expenses into something much more feasible for your family. Villas in Kochi are available in smaller square footages that will stay within your financial budget. 

5. Pre-drilling

Pre-drilling wooden fixtures before construction starts can be a good enough step to save a credible amount of time and money. Using a speed drill will be best to get the job done on time. A cordless driver will help avoid the need to stop and start the drill machine continuously. Taking the thicker and denser part of the woods will be the right way to start the drilling process, and working your way through the thinner parts is much easier. Begin with a small hole and gradually expand it. Over-tightening the screws may render the wood brittle and easier to break off. 

6. Paint twice or thrice

Giving a good few coats of paint while constructing the building can help you in the long run. The initial expense may be quite on the high side, but it will enhance the durability and the overall look of the building.  Starting with a primer is the best way to paint your building. A primer coat can retain the intensity of the next coats of paint you are going to apply. At least two coats of paint are necessary when you paint initially, as it will help with durability. Using high-quality rollers and brushes will create perfection and save time by masking the streaks that might come otherwise. 

7. Access points for electrical wires

Getting an expert for your electrical needs will save you tons of time compared to going with a novice. Understand and analyze beforehand of laying down the places where you need your electrical outlets. Place outlets four feet away from each other all around your building. Use heavier wires and gauges for larger rooms. The electrical outlets should be placed at least six inches above the floor. Make sure to add circuit breakers to outlets to avoid the chance of overloading. And finally, make sure the technician tests all outlets before you plug in your devices and appliances. 

8. Source your own materials

Getting down to shopping for materials required to construct the building can be quite a monotonous and tedious chore. However, you may be surprised at how much money you can save by doing so. You will be able to find cheaper, good-quality materials if you head down to the stores all by yourself. Contractors will necessarily have tie-ups with stores that give them that extra commission on the bulk purchases they do for the construction of your building. Before the project begins, you can specify the conditions for obtaining materials. 

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