Top 10 Home Design And Construction Trends in 2022

Top 10 Home Design And Construction Trends in 2022

27 June 2022

Everyone loves to have a trendy home. It is also necessary to incorporate designs that are currently a hot hit in the market. This blog gives you the best insights on the top 10 home design and construction trends in 2022.

Best 10 Construction And Home Design Trends in 2022

Let’s take a look at how to revamp your home to fit with the hot trends of 2022:

1. Kitchen Revamp

Kitchens are one of the most sought-after places for infusing new trends. People are now vastly moving towards incorporating natural light onto their premises. In the kitchen, the accommodating natural light is through giving away multiple window banks. Multiple windows on more than one wall can bring in a lot of fresh air and light to the kitchen. A casual collected look is also a new trend where the kitchen goes with a less polished look with light paint colors, raw wood look, and cabinets with mix and match style rather than a uniform look. Kitchen islands are also back in trend which now provides extra cabinet space and eliminate the requirement for overhead cabinets to an extent. The backsplash tile in the kitchen has also gone for a change by inducing the trend of a wavy or crackle glaze finish. Villas in Kakkanad take an exceptional touch with their designer kitchens. 

2. Be curvy

Curves are now the most discussed feature when it comes to new constructions or remodeling the existing area. Curved ceilings and arched openings are now back in trend. The curves have taken over the furniture as well. The slightly bent or curved handsets add a bit more sophistication to the new style of furniture. Curves can act as a surprising element in the homes that welcome them wholeheartedly.

3. Get Creative with bathrooms

Bathrooms now, just like kitchens, are promoting more space to be given for storage spaces. An adequate and innovative storage space keeps the bathroom organized and clutter-free. Storage spaces with in-built sockets of dryers and straighteners are an added advantage and a much-welcomed trend in 2022. Bathrooms have taken a switch over to rustic designs which give a rich and unique style to bathrooms that are usually overlooked. Shower heads and such water accessories have been revamped and now add more sleekness to bathroom designs. Freestanding bathtubs are yet another new feature in the bathroom trends of 2022. Heated floors are also new additions that give the bath a luxurious spa feel and add to the exquisite feel of baths.

4. Indoor but Outdoor

Infusing the elements of both indoor and outdoor space into the exquisite look of the courtyard setting is a new adaptation to the construction and home design industry. The pandemic has addressed the requirement for a good courtyard space. Adding a little bit of a twist to the usual open courtyard. Gone are the days of the usual grill deck and umbrellas, the new outdoor has become more luxurious by adding screens, hot tubs, pools, outdoor kitchens, and comfortable seating space. 

5. Hail to the flooring

Hardwood flooring has been one of the most appreciated modes of flooring. Homeowners are now given a good wave to experiment with hardwood flooring techniques. Infusing color tone differences denote the variations in the same stretch of flooring. Two-tone inlays and the incorporation of different patterns in wood gives a new look to the hardwood flooring structure. The increase in the lumber cycles have contributed to the ardent upcycling of flea market and used wood. 

6. Colors, Colors!

Blue and green are the newest additions to the color panel for a home. Green brings a unique curiosity to the home and pairing with other neutral colors gives it a different vibe and texture altogether. Blue has always been a welcoming color that brings a calm and serene look into the interiors of the home. Both these colors do not just take over the walls but also on kitchen cabinets, furniture and furnishings, curtains, and whatnot!

7. Flexible Spaces

Restrictive spaces can be burdensome when something like the pandemic takes control over us. Every space in the home should be provided some flexibility to turn into other uses at times where the commotion has to be limited indoors. A dining space designed to accommodate an eating area as well as a home office or kid's study area is a well-recommended and perceived idea. It is also fitting to construct small rooms which can be used as a recreational area fit for both adults and kids alike. 

8. Maximalism takes the top bid!

Minimalism and extreme minimalism has been on the cards for homeowners for quite a long time. Even though minimalism supports airy spaces and fitting the room with the most necessary elements, it sometimes comes at a cost; a home without personality. Modern homes are usually an implication of the personality of the people living inside them. So sometimes it needs to reciprocate with the ideologies of the people living inside and it’s in 2022 to show it off! Villas in Kochi are taking a positive stride towards the maximalist approach.

9. Highlight in Black

Black has always been associated with adding a regal and strong outlook to the homes. Using black color for the window frames and accompanied with neutral colors give off an entirely different vibe for the homes. It adds a different punch and texture to the interiors of the homes. 

10. Furniture!

Yesteryear design hacks have been making a slow intrusion onto the current trends of 2022. Velvet material on furniture, curved and rounded seating elements and swivel chairs have all made a regal comeback into the sitting or living areas of homes.

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