Things You Should Know While Planning To Build an Eco-Friendly Home

Things You Should Know While Planning To Build an Eco-Friendly Home

17 September 2021

Unruly land development, harmful emissions, and lack of conscious efforts had been deteriorating the biosphere for a long time. Concerted efforts from conservationists and green activists could bring about a massive shift in the perceptions of people. Nowadays, individuals are more conscious of the preservation of nature. They ask the top builders in Kochi and other regions to go for eco-friendly construction possibilities.

Are you planning to build a home?

You can consult the home builders in Kochi and devise a pro-environmental construction policy. Use the elements that are safe for the ecosystem, and preserve nature for future generations.

Smart Design Features

Smart designs that have features towards maintaining a healthy environment are the fundamental element. Everything you plan and include must be focussing on this aim. Expert designers with an eye on the basic requirement, an eco-friendly home, will implement necessary design measures.

Location of the home, the direction in which it faces and position would be considered whilst designing. A comprehensive analysis might be necessary to reach an environment-friendly construction.

Recycling Possibilities

You need not everything new. Procuring old wooden windows, doors and other accessories is another eco-friendly option. The items can be refurbished and furnished to give a fresh appearance. It will appear as if newly manufactured and will not hamper the look of the home (if that thought worries you).

The experienced architects and homebuilders will have connections with vendors offering such products. They can help you get good quality material from reputed sellers, at affordable rates.

Selection of Construction Materials including Bricks

Compressed earth blocks, clay bricks, and other natural bricks will reduce the temperature inside the home. Concrete blocks, which are the most commonly used ones for house construction, will cause an increased temperature. Consequently, carbon emissions will increase.

The building construction industry has an undeniable role in elevating the carbon footprint. It would be great if you can put your bit into reducing carbon emissions.

Energy-efficient Construction

Every step towards saving energy is in turn protecting the biosphere. The house you construct may be designed with minimal openings towards the west and south sides. Openings that allow sunlight inside the home will eliminate the requirement of lights during the daytime.

Installation of solar panels will explore the utilization of renewable energy. Rainwater harvesting must be ensured to minimize the need for a general water supply. Effective solutions, as stated here, would be aiding in the conservation of energy and protecting nature.

Procurement of Locally Manufactured Building Material and Accessories

Instead of going for products from distant locations, you can source the same from the local manufacturers.  The effect of such an initiative is larger than you believe. Buying locally manufactured products will play a significant role in reducing the carbon footprint, due to the transportation requirements.

It is also a boost for the local economy. The increase in the purchase of locally made goods will improve the per capita income and development of the place. Therefore, this is an eco-friendly, as well as, generous point.

Energy Saving Electrical Appliances

As we said in one of the previous paragraphs, the installation of the solar panel at home will be a pro-environment decision. Using 5-star rated electronic and electrical devices that function with less amount of electrical energy would be good. Those would help you save on the monthly expenses, in addition to saving energy consumption.

Energy saver LED lamps can be installed at your home. Discuss with the homebuilder to keep the decorative lighting minimalized, without affecting the feel and look of your house.

Window Glasses and Curtains

Energy-efficient construction is the need of the hour. The biosphere is severely hampered due to the increasing energy requirements due to the population explosion. Thermally secured Triple Glazed Glass would be a suitable option to save energy remarkably.

Modern design curtains that are formulated with the same concept are available in the market. You must discuss with the architect/ interior designer/ developer and go for the curtains with innovative ideas, rather than the traditional ones.

Sustainable Natural Materials for Flooring

The normal flooring components are Granite, Marble, and Vitrified Tiles. Why not look into something unique, novel, and eco-friendly? Aesthetically appealing bamboo flooring, laminated wooden flooring, etc are available. These natural products will not only augment the beauty of the home but also are eco-friendly.

These materials do not harm the environment in anyways, unlike other materials like granite and tiles. Wooden and bamboo flooring will provide a distinctive appearance as well.

Why Not Use Natural Paints?

Avoid using petroleum-based paints that contain unhealthy chemicals. Natural paints are available in the market. Choose natural paints to beautify your home. Though it is a bit costlier than chemical paints, the health benefit it offers is beyond economic calculations. The eco-friendly paint option would help you protect the environment, as well as keep the inhabitants safe from toxic components contained in petroleum-based paint.

Our Take

Constructing an environment-friendly home is the best gift you can bestow to the world. By this, you are playing your part in preserving the goodness of the greens around you. Let the future generations live in a healthy world that is blessed to have healthy surroundings and abundant with pure air.

We can help you with that. To discuss building an eco-friendly home, you may contact us now.