Benefits Of Buying A Ready To Occupy Home

26 September 2022

Getting your own house is one of the biggest decisions of one’s life and also requires a good amount of your savings to be invested for the same. Real estate had its fair share of ups and downs, especially in the years affected by the pandemic. But as the pandemic has taken a back step, people are now back into investing in buying properties, land, apartments, etc. 

Good research builds a strong foundation for getting your dream home, and personal analysis of your needs is yet another standpoint that helps in deciding the kind of space you want to set up your home in.

This blog tries to shed light on "ready to occupy homes" and the benefits of buying a "ready to occupy home."

A "ready to occupy" home is a choice type of home that is an easier option, where one could easily move into such a home as almost everything is already set up in such homes concerning the complete furnishings like furniture, cupboards, and other accessories. 

8 Benefits Of Buying A Ready To Occupy Home

Deciding whether to decide on “ready to occupy homes” will solely depend on your priorities and your financial situation. Let us now look further into the benefits of getting a “ready to occupy home." 

1. Can move in Immediately

The obvious benefit of taking a ready-to-occupy home will be the ability to move as soon as you buy the property. There is no need for a buffer period or waiting period for moving in. You can immediately move in as soon as you sign the documents. This kind of property is an option for anyone who wants to be the immediate owner of the space they have bought.

2. Low Risk

The property you are planning to buy is right in front of you, completed without any delay, which helps you to be cool and composed with the decision. Other properties take years to complete, and you will only have a replica of the property shown to you at the time you commit to buy the space. There are also chances for fraudulent offers where the entire building fails to be completed within the stipulated time or may not be completed at all. A ready-to-occupy home will be wary of such issues and thus lower the amount of risk. 

3. Saves Rent

A fully furnished, ready-to-occupy home can help you save big time. When you can move in immediately, you must forget about the rent and only focus on the EMIs, if any. You can also rent out the space to others and earn a regular income as rent. Either way, buying a "ready to occupy" property will help your financial management in the best way possible.

4. You will get what you see!

An under-construction property is bound to change in structure and layout over the years of construction. In a "ready to occupy" home, you are able to see what you are buying, and if you don’t really like what you see, you can always look for another option. But, in the case of properties that are not yet constructed, you can only see what they look like once they are completed. 

5. Take a look at the neighborhood

When you buy a ready-to-occupy home, you get the chance to familiarize yourself with the kind of surroundings and neighbors. Therefore, you can make sure that you have good and friendly neighbors. You can also ensure you have all necessities like transport options, hospitals, schools, parks, etc. Villas in Kakkanad are known to be famous for their ideal location placements and neighborhood friendliness. 

6. Tax Benefits

When you choose to buy ready-to-occupy homes, you are also able to get tax exemptions. The tax exemptions will be obtained on both loan repayments and principal amounts. Concerning an under-construction property, you will only be able to avail of those benefits once you have acquired complete possession of the property.

7. No increased costs

There won’t be any additional or hidden costs when it comes to a “ready to occupy home." You have to pay only a fixed amount that was discussed during the purchase. In the case of under-construction properties, one needs to pay an additional sum of money at the time of possession, if at all there has been an increase in the increased cost of property or construction. 

8. Ease of Selling

A property that is under construction can take time to get completed, and there are chances to get involved in unknown litigation conditions as well. This problem is way out of concern if you are looking for a “ready to occupy home." Villas in Kochi are known not to have such litigation attached to them. Therefore, they are a good option to choose from.

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