10 Things You Should Know Before Buying Your Dream Home

10 Things You Should Know Before Buying Your Dream Home

30 May 2022

Many people aspire to own a home in their lifetime. They put their hard-earned money into this brick-and-mortar structure they call their home. They fill it with their dreams, a structure that reflects their personality and aspirations.

But, before making an offer on a house, buyers should consider a variety of factors. Because every homebuyer is different, finding the right home for you will necessitate thinking about what you want. Before making your decision, consider the following aspects of a house:

1. Location

Buyers are looking for a location that is convenient to their favorite places (work, school, shopping, entertainment places, and place of worship, friends and family). Examine traffic flow and look for easy access to major highways. Checking this out before buying can save you time and trouble getting out of the neighborhood and onto the main road, as well as an excessively long commute.

Many people value the location of their property inside their community. Some people prefer lots close to the main entrance, while others prefer lots further into the development, away from traffic. 

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2. Age of the House

If you don't want to renovate, some properties that match your needs could have been built decades ago. The property's age is an important consideration when purchasing a home. An older property may have its beauty and attractiveness, but it may also require additional modifications, repairs, and improvements. If you're thinking about buying older villas in Kakkanad, make sure you have the time and resources to renovate them. When purchasing an older home, you need also to think about building codes. Because building codes may have changed over time, having a rudimentary awareness of the regulations then and now will help you better appreciate the condition of the home.

3. The Qualities You've Always Wanted

 In the past, you may have searched for a home that fit your requirements - whether it had enough bedrooms for the entire family or a short commute to work. But this is an entirely different situation. You are purchasing your dream home. Make a long wish list if necessary. Everybody has their wish list. 

4. Size Matter

Another consideration while selecting your ideal home is the lot size. Though the size of the property is influenced by the budget, you should also consider the size of your family when determining the appropriate size. You'll need additional bedrooms if you have a joint or large family, but a 2- or 3-BHK home would be enough for a nuclear family.

5. Rental and Resale Value 

It's critical to keep track of the house's rental and prospective resell worth. Not only for those who are primarily interested in renting or reselling their property, but also for those who intend to buy a home and live in it for a long time, if not their entire lives. When deciding on a home, keep in mind the potential profits. As a result, knowing everything there is to know about the area where the property is located is critical.

You should contact the builder and investigate the current infrastructure and see whether there are any projected future development plans, such as schools, motorways, hospitals, shopping malls, and so on, in the local area.

6. Purchase Price

Of course, the buying price of a home will have a significant impact on whether or not you should buy one. Come up with a budget that works for you and make sure to adhere to it. Consider all of the fees associated with making an offer and closing to come up with a decision that fits your budget and aspirations.

Take a look at the cost of living in your new region if you're moving. While many homebuyers consider this while relocating between states, it is still vital to consider it even if you are only moving across town.

7. Maintenance

In your budget, include the cost of home maintenance. Some projects are purely cosmetic and straightforward to perform. Other tasks may require additional resources and time. The cost of repairs and maintenance is influenced by the age and condition of the home at the time of purchase.

8. Friendly Neighborhood

A welcoming neighborhood in which you may freely talk with other families and participate in community events and galas offers you a sense of belonging. If you can't welcome your neighbors in for the odd feast or Saturday night karaoke sessions, it doesn't matter if you have the perfect house.

9. Clear title deed

Always conduct legal due diligence before purchasing a property. Ascertain that the property titles are clear and that there will be no future difficulties. Examine the builder-buyer agreement thoroughly.

10. Inquire about the developer.

Remember to conduct a thorough background check on the developer to ensure that he has no blemishes on his record. To avoid any last-minute surprises, a developer's reputation is extremely important. Seek input from people who have bought homes from the builders in Kochi. It's always beneficial to have first-hand feedback.

Everyone has the right to find their ideal home. It is possible with good research. As you and your family begin the home-buying process, keep these important factors in mind. They'll assist you in narrowing down the characteristics that a property must have in order to be your ideal match.

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